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Our agricultural gearboxes are suitable for different types: rotary tillers, harvesters, pit diggers, TMR feed mixers, rotary tillers, fertilizer spreaders, fertilizer spreaders, etc…




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Our product range is constantly evolving to meet the needs of different customers and to provide new technical solutions in the ever-evolving field of agricultural technology. Each gearbox model has been studied to provide top power performance in every possible application and is available in different configurations.

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    EP has been producing high quality gear transmissions for drivetrains. Our gearboxes are suitable for all kinds of agriculture. EP can also custom design gear drives to meet the most unique situations…taking products from prototype to final testing.
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    Our manufacturing method utilizes the latest engineering software in the gear drive industry to enable superior products to produce consistent and economical products that provide excellent service over many years of use.
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    With EP’s Gearbox Company, you can rely on attention to detail, customer-intensive service and quality control… these advantages have allowed our company to grow and grow over the years.

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At EP, we strive to stay ahead of technology so our products will meet the needs of the ever-changing industrial market. We also conduct in-house research and development as well as extensive testing of all our products to provide the highest level of quality control. You can trust that all products made in our factory have a long lifespan, which we offer a warranty to guarantee.


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The external gear of wind power gearbox generally adopts carburizing and quenching grinding process. The introduction of high-efficiency and high-precision CNC forming gear grinding machines…

Gearbox Manufacturing Technology

  1. There must be no mechanical damage or casting defects in cracks, holes, etc. in any part of the agricultural gearbox.
  2. The surface of the machine gear box should be…
Agricultural gearbox technical requirements

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Gearbox noise treatment


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